My 2017 personal challenge - January Quilt

Hello and welcome back

To keep my sewing mojo going I have set myself a personal challenge - I will make full sized quilt each month of this year. Yes, I know not much of a challenge for someone who sews nearly every day....but for me it's more about finishing my quilts and not just piecing the tops.

So each month I will pick a pattern relevant to the particular month and together with my preferred fabric I will piece, quilt and bind a full sized quilt each month.

Now that I've written it down, I have to stand by my word, right??

Let's start with January....

For this month I picked a Cheerio quilt pattern by Thimble Blossoms as I think this is nice and cheerful pattern for this grey and boring month. As for my fabric, only Sunprint 2016 by Alison Glass will do it.

All blocks pieced and ready to iron.

The top is finished. 36 blocks of cheerios!! Now, I mustn't put it away for later....must quilt it now!!

I will be back with finished quilt before end of January!!

Back soon.