About me


Hello, and welcome to my blog where I share (or try to share...) my creative journey in sewing and quilting. My name is Petra and I live with my family in Chelmsford, Essex.


I started "Carry On Sewing" in May 2014 just for fun and after re-discovering my passion for sewing. I originally learnt to sew as a teenager and after long 18 years of not even having a sewing machine, I received one for my birthday....and that was the beginning of Carry On Sewing.


I love fabric.... any colour, any pattern, any size and type....just a look at any fabric makes me smile. I am on personal mission to collect various fabric from my travels and even a day trip to new town/village will see me scouting the place for fabric and craft shops. 


I am self-thought "new" quilter and slowly working my way through mini quilts, quilted bags, pouches and cushions. I love the way you can create something rather special from even the smallest scraps of fabric. 


So thank you for stopping by....and keep in touch by checking out my blog or liking me on Facebook and Instagram.



Happy cutting, sewing, quilting......

My sewing corner

Welcome to my sewing room. It is the smallest room in our house and although officially it's called a "bedroom", it's not. It just a box room and just about big enough to fit my sewing desk, some shelves, cuting table and that's it. I love it though as it's only MINE and I can lock the door and loose myself.

It looks rather messy and cluttered, but I know exactly where everything is and I call it "organised mess". I love to display things - fabric, pictures, ribbons - no matter what it is, as long as it's pretty, it will be on display.