My Pocket Advent Calendar Bunting

Hi peope

I had a go at this little Advent Calendar bunting.....I this this is so sweet!

I made out my own measurements with each flag measuring about 4 x 3.5in when sewn. The sweet little pockets are perfect for holding little treats for kids....

I was thinking what is the best way to add numbers...should I applique them or free-style draw them with sewing machine? I came out with an idea of stamp-printing them on with simple rubber stamps.

And I did.... which I think gives it real vintage-style look. And it just looks simple and clean.

What do you think?

The whole bunting measures about 4 m (3.2ft) so you will need nice large wall/space to hang it on.

The bunting will be ready to order from mid September.


I loooove the contrast of bright summer sunshine and winter advent calendar in Christmasy fabric.