Baby Tiarnan Quilt

Hello hello and welcome back.

Here I am with yet another baby quilt made for a customer. This time it's for an Irish boy called Tiarnan. Lovely name, and yes, I had to check my spellings few times!!

The brief was to use variety of coloured prints suitable for a boy but not too "babyish". Easy what about pattern?

I decided not to follow any particular pattern but kind of make my own. I gathered my fabrics and started by cutting 5.5in squares. I needed around 120 so that was a lot of cutting.

My aim was to make 10 rows of squares with 2in white sashing in between. The name is simply appliqued on using fusible web.

I quilted the whole quilt with large swirls to add bit of texture. To finish it I added bright plain orange bias binding.

I was asked to add a quilt label to the back. I rarely add quilt labels to my quilts but I don't mind if I'm asked. It makes the whole quilt more special and much more personal.

Overall I'm chuffed with this quilt. I came together pretty fast and end result is great. I enjoyed not following a pattern (as I normally do) and I like the idea that this quilt is unique and hopefully will be received with joy.

Back soon with more