Memory blanket for baby Abigail

Hi there and welcome back....

I have been asked to make a quilt from baby grows for baby Abigail. As I have never made one, this was a bit of a challenge for me. But hey, how hard can it be? I know how to make quilts so practically this is the same, no?

I was given a bag full of baby grows and few requirements regarding size and backing colours.

I've done some research first and read up few tutorials about t-shirt quilts and how to construct them. The main difference between regular and t-shirt quilt is the fabric. It's so much harder to sew with jersey!! It wiggles....stretches....doesn't lie flat and ..... to get a perfect square from a tiny babygrow is just a challenge of it's own.

I decided on 6.5in squares to start with and applied light interfacing to each square. This works like a stabiliser and makes the jersey square nice and flat and much more easier to work with.

That done, I cut out all my squares and included sections with poppers, whole sleeves, whole legs and pockets. Some baby grows just didn't have enough fabric so I made up my squares from tiny different patches and even added pink and white cotton to add different texture.

The whole idea was to make it interesting, different, fun and to use up all available baby grows.

At the end, I added name, which was just appliqued on pink cotton fabric and machine stitched with straight stitch.

The borders are 4 inches wide and made out of soft pink fleece as is the back of the blanket. This makes the blanket super soft and snuggly.

I was bit worried about quilting it as I have never used fleece on my quilts before; so I didn't know what to expect. No need to worry as it was very easy to quilt and as I chose to quilt it in the ditch, my quilting was soon done.

I bound the quilt with bright pink bias binding.

The whole quilt measured approx 44x55 inches.

Whole quilt was a joy to make and nice new challenge. I will definitely do another memory blanket or perhaps a t-shirt quilt in the future.

Will be back soon....