Rudolph Pillow

Just a short post regarding my latest pillow....

I have been asked by an 8-year old boy to make him a Rudolph pillow. Hmmmm, no problem, I thought but as I never made any, this was a bit of a challenge.

Visually I had an idea, however, I had my doubts whether it would be "grown up" enough for an 8-year old boy. I sketched a reindeer's head, antlers, nose and eyes and cut out my templates. This will be an applique reindeer cushion, as it seemed the easiest to do.

I appliqued my reindeer shapes onto plain white background fabric and used blanket stitch to outline the shapes.

It is a simple-shapes reindeer pillow as there was no need for fussiness.

Blue/white snowflake back....perfect for a boy. recipient will be happy with his Rudoph pillow!!

Back soon