Panda Cushion

Hi there

Today I am sharing this panda cushion, which I made for my daughter's birthday. As it's her birthday tomorrow, it was a bit of a rush to get it done on time. But after 3 hours of non-stop sewing, I finished!

My daughter is madly obsessed with pandas. Any shape, form, size....all panda. So when I saw this free panda pattern on Fat Quarter Shop website, obviously I had to make it.

The pattern it very straightforward and super easy to follow. I pulled out pink, black, off white and two shades of green fabrics and off I was.

Top panel done. This measures about 19x20 in. I was a bit undecided whether to keep it as a wall hanging or turn it into a cushion. At the end cushion won as it's more practical for a child.

I had a bit of fun with quilting and tried different varieties. It's not fatally even and perfect but, hey, looks ok to me and gives great texture to the top.

The finished cushion measures approx 18in square. I found this fab grey panda fabric on Ebay and it was absolutely perfect for the cushion back. So cute....

Overall, panda cushion was a winner and it takes up a special place in my daughter's bed.

Great present and ....Happy Birhday Melissa.

Back soon.