Caravan Cushions - Custom Order

Hello people and

welcome back!

I know it's not the right season...but, as I always say, the customer is always right, no? So here I am with five "summery" caravan cushions. This is my latest order and it took me whole three days to stitch together.

I first made this cushion back in summer 2015 for a friend who is a vivid caravan-person. The pattern came from my head and everything on this cushion is free-designed.

With five cushions to make, I tried to keep the design same but different at the same time. I chose wide variety of print fabric and I must say, this was a great way to go through my scrap basket and reduce it way down.....

How else would I photograph five cushions? On the steps, of course!!

Stacked up....

Labelled and ready to go.

All cushions measure 16x26in and are filled with cushion pad from Ikea. Now, I can see Ikea trip coming up to replenish my cushion pad stock....

I had fun making these cushions and hope the recipient will be happy.

Now back to my Christmas sewing.

See you soon.