"Grandchidren" Quilt

Hello there everyone...

Today I am sharing my newest quilt - the "Grandchildren" Quilt made for my mother in law. I wanted to make a quilt for her for very long time and so I finally did. As we were going to visit her at the end of March, I had perfect opportunity and perfect 'deadline' to do so.

I spent some time thinking about the pattern (not to difficult but not too easy) and of course the colours. Which colours does she like?

As I love bright happy colours I settled for Zen Chic For You collection by Moda. I have always loved this collection... so happy and cheerful.


Hmm so the colours are sorted... and now what to make out of it.

As I wanted the quilt to be very personal and very unique, I was thinking names.

A personalised quilt with my kids' names on it...yes, that's it.

I have already made my "Alphabet Quilt" using Spell It With Moda pattern (http://blog.modafabrics.com/2014/02/spell-it-with-fabric-setting-directions/), so I already had some practice with letter blocks. By the way my "Alphabet Quilt" is still work in progress and awaiting quilting.

Here are my letter blocks. Tom is my eldest and likes blue and black, Melissa is my middle one and is proper girly girl - hence pink letters, and Alexia is my youngest and loves orange (see my previous blog for her Orange World Quilt...haha)

More sashing added and a

large heart block.

My top pieced. I added two large heart blocks and eight small heart blocks.

My girls seem happy enough with it....

Right, let's quilt this....

Here is my basting going on. Lot of pins...

I have somehow became a free-motion super-quilter-hero....

This was my first time I have tried new quilting patterns and somehow it worked. I started a bit shaky and became more adventures, quicker and actually had fun.

I used lots of coloured threads as each section is quilted separately with its own coordinated thread.

Nearly there.....

Here it is! All done.

Ready for wrapping....

....and a quick label at the back.

This quilt was a pleasant and welcoming challenge. I don't think and will ever do another one but...hey, never say never.

I am very happy with the end result and hope it will be received with love.

Back soon.