St Patrick's Day Table Topper

Hi there

As St Patrick's Day is approaching, I am sharing my newest make - St Patrick's Day table topper/mini quilt.

This table topper was made with my Irish fried Karen in mind. As she is probably the only Irish friend I have, it was just meant to be for her.

I have searched for nice pattern on Pinterest and came across this tutorial by Piece N Quilt

( Nice and easy it looked, however, I had to reduce and adjust the patter to suit my own sizing.

I had some trouble finding all the green scraps as I don't work with green that much. All green squares are 3.5in .

Top pieced.....looking good.....

Here I am quilting at night just to get it finished.

I quilted swirls all around the white background. The cloves are simply outlined in straight line quilting.

...added bright orange polka dot binding.....

....and it has an Irish flag backing.....

Ta-daaaa...... my table topper is finished. The final size is approx 20in square. Perfect for a table.

Let's wrap this up now.....

Thanks for reading. Back soon.