Hazel The Hedgehog Mini Quilt

Hello there

I am starting new year with this "Hazel The Hedgehog" mini quilt which I really wanted to make for such a long time. The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman (ohfransson.com).

I followed her gigantic block and it really is gigantic as it measures 33 x 36in.

I chose kind of plainish pink/ raspberry colours as I wanted to keep it simple but kind of co-ordinated. The entire block is very easy to make and came together very quickly. Such a joy to make.

I added black glasses which are appliqued on and I think they just add such a fun to the whole block.

I added wide sashing to all four sides to make it properly into a large wall hanging.

And now the quilting.... how was I to quilt this? I had lots of ideas but settled with my favourite (and probably easiest) quilting pattern - the loops.

At the end I added bright green bias binding (just so it stand out properly) and ta dahhhh....done.

One super cool Hazel The Hedgehog Mini Quilt.

It currently hang on my wall above the steps and every time I pass, it just makes me smile....

Loooove it.