Christmas Cushions

Hi everyone

Here are my lovely Christmas Cushions made from various scraps of Christmas fabric.

I had these cushions in my head for ages, just needed to put it all together. I made two similar Dresden plate blocks and simply appliqued them onto plain white fabric. I quilted the blocks in simple straight outlining lines and tried to do a "swirl" for the middle circle.....not so easy, I must say, but I got there at the end.

The rest of the cushion is heavily quilted around the Dresden plate. I think it adds nice texture, looks nice and is interesting. I sometime look at Dresden plate blocks and I think they look dated and unappealing. But as soon as you add nice modern fabric, it suddenly looks much better.

I have tried it with these cushions.....tried to make them modern and fresh.....I think I got there.

Love them and hopefully you will too.

Back soon with more Christmas makes.