Christmas Advent Calendar Bunting

Hey people

I have finally managed to finish some of my Christmas Advent Calendar buntings. So far, I have made 3 simply because I have so many plans and ideas in my head and keep jumping from project to project.

You guys should see my sewing room...organised mess, as I call it.

But, yay, finally....

I kept the design same for all the buntings, just played with colours and different fabric.

The numbers are stamp-printed on in black ink and ironed over to keep them set.

I think it looks great and adds bit of class.

There are 25 flags with pockets for treats and sweets. Each flag measures about 4x3.5in.

The total length is 140-150 in, so yes, a big wall or hanging space needed.

I am well happy with these. Yes, lot of cutting but well worth it.

Now we just need December and fill these with sweets.

Selling in my Etsy shop.

Back soon.